Monday, August 29, 2011

¡Aquí estamos!

After a hellish two days of travel (punctuated by podcasts of Jonathan Goldstein's hilarious "Wire Tap" that  made me laugh out loud on the plane, sparking glares from other dehydrated and cranky passengers), I arrived on the busy Poeta Manuel de Góngora street that Micki and I will call home for the next four months.

Today, in the bright sun, it is beautiful. It is busy and loud and there are a stupefying amount of vegetable sellers, but it feels good. My host mother, María, is super friendly, and so is her husband Eloy. And then there's Bimba, an out-of-control Yorkshire terrier that sounds like an angry pig when she barks.

Micki and I are set to explore the city this afternoon, so hopefully we'll have photographic evidence that we are actually in Granada this afternoon. So far my local exposure has been going to the supermarket to buy frozen peas to ice my foot, so here's to broadening my horizons!

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