Monday, November 7, 2011


A few weeks ago, our program went to Madrid, Segovia, and Toledo over Halloween weekend. We saw everything. And for the first time in a long time, we could just hang out on each other's beds and watch "Tu Cara Me Suena," (only the best Spanish television show in the world!) a program in which contestants dress up as their favorite performers and imitate them. 

Kicking it in front of the Prado. 

The Escorial. Felipe II made this monster monastery-cathedral-library-castle-mausoleum outside of Madrid. He wasn't much fun, and this building isn't really either. Fun fact about Felipe II: He had his bed placed adjacent to the cathedral's altar, so he could hear mass in bed. I'm not really sure if he should be congratulated or rebuked for that. 

The aqueduct in Segovia- almost two thousand years old, and still functioning until the nineteenth century!

Segovia's cathedral. Rick* says it's the most Gothic cathedral in the world, taking the architecture to such an extreme that a new term, "Flamboyant Gothic," was developed to refer to it. Did I laugh for thirty seconds straight after I found out there was such a thing as "flamboyant gothic?" Absolutely. 

Segovia's Alcazar. Walt Disney came to Segovia and modeled his "Magic Kingdom" after this. 

The Fantastic Four (Don't worry, we didn't name ourselves that. Someone else did).

One of the many churches in Toledo.

*In reference to the legendary Rick Steves. We use his book with such frequency and loyalty while traveling we all feel we're on a first name basis. 

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  1. Hola! The new photos are great - great job making them larger - we can see so much better. And they are incredible! Looks like your beautiful sunny weather continues, happily. We did not get a food report on this post, but I'm sure you'll continue reporting in on the gastric travel adventures! "D I felt the same way about 'Rick' while in Paris - his book was so current and helpful. I almost made a scene when I bumped into him in Edmonds not long ago - but managed only a weak smile instead. Thank you again for updating - YAY!!! Love to everyone!! mucho, mama y dad xoxo